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Production Process
The important part of quartz crystal oscillator is quartz crystal chip. In the production process of quartz crystal chips, the first step is to cut and grind the raw materials of the quartz crystal, and one of the important processes is to fix the angle. Due to the different orientation of the quartz chip, its piezoelectric properties, strength characteristics, and elastic properties vary, so the performance of the quartz crystal oscillator produced with it is also different. Firstly, we need to polish and cut the quartz crystal rod.

1.Cutting:Cut out the quartz chip corresponding to the frequency point (it should be noted that the quartz chip corresponds one-to-one to the frequency point). The cutting angle at this time determines the basic frequency deviation of the quartz crystal oscillator.

2.Silver plating:In order to improve work accuracy, a layer of pure silver needs to be plated on the cut quartz chip.

3.Glue dispensing:To fix it on the base with silver adhesive (conductive adhesive), the fixing angle once again determines the basic frequency deviation of the quartz crystal oscillator.

4.Testing:By cooperating with the testing equipment at this time, the output frequency of the quartz crystal oscillator can be measured. During testing, silver can be added again for fine tuning to improve work accuracy.

5.Sealing welding:If it is a passive crystal oscillator, it can be sealed with nitrogen gas. For an active crystal oscillator, a vibration chip needs to be added and then sealed with nitrogen gas.

6.Sealing inspection:Check if there is any air leakage in the sealed product. It is divided into coarse leak detection and fine leak detection.

7.Leak detection:Check for significant air leakage (pressure difference method). Fine leak detection: Check for minor air leaks (pressure He method)

8.Aging and simulated reflow soldering:Aging products at high temperatures for a long time, releasing stress, and simulating customer trial environments to expose manufacturing defects, in order to improve the reliability of shipped products.

9.Marking:Use Laser to mark the crystal oscillator on the crystal oscillator shell, such as model, rated frequency, etc., to distinguish different products.

10.Test packaging:Conduct electrical performance index testing on finished products, eliminate defective products, and ensure product quality.

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