What are the domestic crystal oscillators on the Shiqiang Component E-commerce Platform

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Jingguanghua (JGHC), full name: Shenzhen Jingguanghua Electronics Co., Ltd., is a well-known crystal oscillator enterprise in China, specializing in providing scientific crystal oscillator solutions in circuit applications. Since 1996, Jingguanghua has successively introduced modern advanced production equipment and process technology from Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and other places to provide the market with various frequency quartz crystal oscillators such as passive crystal oscillators, active crystal oscillators, tuning fork clock oscillators, etc. The factory covers an area of 15000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of 600 million crystals. In addition, JGHC has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and safety production standardization certification. Its quality meets international IEC and American ANSI standards, making it a trusted crystal oscillator brand manufacturer for customers.

At present, Jingguanghua products have been launched on the Shiqiang Component E-commerce Platform, where engineers can directly search and view technical information such as data manuals, selection guides, and application solutions for all products. In response to the research and development needs of engineers, Shiqiang has thousands of technical experts who have worked in the field of industrial control for more than ten years. They can help engineers quickly complete product selection, provide free services, and respond within 48 hours.

Main products and highlights
Passive crystal oscillator: including HC-49S, HC-49SSMD, M49SSMD, SMD6035, SMD5032, SMD3225, SMD2520, SMD2016, SMD1612 and other series.
1. Wide frequency range, covering 800KHZ to 300MHZ
2. Has good frequency temperature characteristics over a wide range of temperatures, ranging from -40 to 125 degrees ± 50ppm
3. The packaging size is as small as SMD1612
4. Accuracy [sensitive words] can reach ± 5ppm, with an annual aging rate of 3ppm

Active crystal oscillators: including ordinary crystal oscillators (SPXO), temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXO), constant temperature crystal oscillators (OCXO), and voltage controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) series.
1. SPXO frequency accuracy can reach ± 25ppm, and TCXO frequency accuracy can reach ± 0.5ppm
2. Higher frequency, such as OSC7050 184.32mhz
3. Power supply voltage to 1.8V, [sensitive word] 5.0V, startup time 5mSec
4. The phase noise is as low as 1ps, and the annual aging rate is as low as 1ppm
Tuning fork clock oscillator: RTC module, which provides a clock for the system. 32.768KHZ is a commonly used frequency and is mainly used in electronic products with timing function.
Main applications: PC, security monitoring, set-top box, smart home, smart wearable, smart POS, consumer electronics, industrial control, in car, etc
Shenzhen Jingguanghua Electronics Co., Ltd.
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