O53 Series Quartz Crystal Oscillators
O53 Series Quartz Crystal Oscillators
✦Small SMD seam sealed clock crystal oscillator units.
✦High precision characteristic covering up to wide frequency range.
✦Designed for automatic mounting and reflow soldering.
✦Tri-State function available.
✦Supply voltage range : 1.8V~5.0 V.
✦High stability, low jitter, low power consumption.
✦Main application : wireless communication set, PDA, and DSC.
✦RoHS Compliant / Pb Free

Product Details

Shenzhen Jingguang Hua Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched the active crystal oscillator O53 series with a size of 5.0x3.2x1.2mm.


✦5032 active crystal oscillator, SMD metal packaging

✦Clock quartz crystal oscillator

✦Wide frequency range and high accuracy

✦Designed for automatic installation and reflow soldering

✦High stability, low jitter, and low power consumption

✦Compliant with RoHS and lead-free environmental protection

Crystal oscillator parameters
O53 Series Quartz Crystal Oscillators_00.png

Dimensions and patterns(unit:mm)

O53 Series Quartz Crystal Oscillators.jpg

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